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Catalytic Capital to Transform Africa

Catalytic Capital Africa (2CAfrica) is a campaign to deploy Catalytic Capital to grow SMEs & local financing ecosystems across Africa


SME Financing Gap across Africa





About the Catalytic Capital Africa (2CAfrica) Challenge

Catalytic Capital Africa is a challenge to catalytic capital providers; foundations, international development financing, governments and family offices to invest in ways that build the local financing ecosystems and unlock appropriate, patient financing for African SMEs. We have an initial target of moving $3billion and will be tracking commitments and progress.

What is Catalytic Capital?

Catalytic Capital is capital that is willing to innovate and to accept disproportionate risk and/or concessionary returns to generate positive impact and unlock additional commercial third-party investments that otherwise would not be possible or likely.


2CAfrica Commitment Objective 2023-2025

Catalytic Capital Africa calls for catalytic capital providers; foundations, international development financing, government, family offices globally to join together to collectively mobilize $3 billion from 2023-2025.

2CAfrica Criteria

  1. Deploy Catalytic Capital: deploy capital that is willing to take on more risk to unlock additional financing.

  2. Strengthen Local Capital Providers: by investing through them, strengthening local capital markets, and reducing deal sizes.

  3. Deliver Sustainable Jobs: Invest in SMEs that employ the majority of people on the continent to enable them to grow and deliver sustainable jobs, especially for underserved populations like women and youths

  4. Green Growth: Enable investee companies to be climate resilient and pursue green growth

Women Led SMEs in Africa


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